Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DynaPhos 300ws Light Review

I received my New DP-FHY300 Light Head Yesterday! Man I am excited to try it. I will be posting a FULL review on this product, as I searched the internet and could not find one. I sincerely hope this helps!

Its always tough deciding on products when you haven't seen it in person or used it, and even more difficult when the review information is just not there on the web. I am in the hunt for a good 300ws lighting system that won't break the bank, but will produce outstanding lighting for my photography work.

I would love to have a set of AB-800's, but not in budget as of yet. I'm quite sure there are other products equally as good, we just have to look a bit harder and find those fellow photographers who use them, and get hard core, unbiased, stripped information on the review. This is what I plan to do.
Photos will accompany this blog post as it is written and as testing progresses.

The light came via UPS, shipping was very fast and the product was well packed inside a standard brown shipping box and the actual light was inside a Amvona box, very well packed with styrofoam molded packaging. The light head came with a standard power cord, sync cord, light travel cover & modeling light which was 250w and packaged inside its own box.

There were no product instructions, warranty cards or any other documentation accompany the light. However, operation is straight forward. I will contact Amvona Tech support today, via Email to inquire about this. This concludes first posting.

Photos will follow. Next post; Set up, speed ring and operation, as well as customer support from Amvona.

Until next shoot,