Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fifth Ward Falcons

F I F T H W A R D F A L C O N S. . .
G O F A L C O N S ! !

Fifth Ward Falcon Candid Photos will be posted here to view and purchase in the coming days. These photos are all high quality action shots taken at the games. (Please review some of our examples below).

Shipping / Payment Arrangements: We can mail them or arrange for you to pick them up. We take all of credit cards and of course cash is always accepted.

I will be posting daily. If you don't see what you want, email us and we may possible have it.

You won't be disappointed in these photographs! Imagine, for just a moment, your star quarterback dropping back deep in the pocket to make that perfect pass. You watch it in the stands, but when the game is over, its over. Now you can capture it for a lifetime with our Action shots and still enjoy the intense moments of the game! This is a awesome deal for you to purchase your son / daughter in a high quality action shot! Preserve this memory for ever!

Get the Limited Edition Falcon 2008 / 2009 Team Photo ! !

Also, if there is a specific shot or athlete you are wanting to capture, again email us and let us know.

Be ready for Basket Ball season, right around the corner. Let us know who you would like that special shot of!

Here are some of our shots.

What a play! RB is caught in action as defender grabs for the tackle!

QB on a quick jig to the Right to avoid a sack!

Thanks for following this blog.
I greatly appreciate your business!

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Rainbowgirl said...

Brilliant capture of high action play!