Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where Did November Go?

Ok, Man what a month. Where did November go. Sounds kinda like a song by Guns and Roses, wait I think thats November Rain! Anyhow. This month Flew by, I left on my mission trip to Thailand, next thing I know I am back in the US Turkey day is here now and man Look our Christmas its right around the corner! I've been busy with photos, so many in fact I can't keep up with the posting.:( I am "Swamped" I guess you say. Well check out my other blogs as I am trying to get fresh ideas daily.

Ok, Black Friday is here. Do I buy that cheap TV or wait and just pay the extra couple hundred bucks?? Fight the crazed crowd, all the manics that have been caffeined up since 2 or 3 am with gazelle like focus on obtaining that "Perfect" Cheap gift. I think not. I did Black Friday a couple years ago, it was insane! Hundreds of people in Wal-Mart all fighting over that $4 blender, people crashing buggies into each other with no remorse whatsoever. No excuse me, or "You First", just fighting like a antelope trying to get out of the thrashing jaws of the crocodile! Ok enough dramatic talk here. I think I will go next week and Buy that 72" Flat Panel Plasma TV, only to Play 360 Football on! Gees, the things we do her in America.

Be Safe, and until next posting............


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